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9,95 EUR
19,90 EUR per 1 Liter

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Karate Ball for ekarate
Made in Europe
The soft balls in red or blue are particularly suitable for sound karate and kumite on the ball.
Through the punched hole in the middle, the ball can be used individually. The hole has a diameter of approx. 2 cm and is therefore suitable for all standard training bars. You can also attach a cord or rope to it and hang the softball indoors and outdoors. It is also possible to attach several balls to a coordination bar or a rope. These balls are also used for the ekarate.
The individual possibilities of being able to determine the height of the ball result in many variable possible uses. The diameter of the ball is approx. 20 cm
Suitable for all sports and skill training.


Weight about 150 grams
Diameter: about 20 cm
Hole about 2 cm
Foam filling
Color red and blue
washable elephant skin coating
22,95 EUR
Sound karate set ball red and blue
Pole set for karate kumite on the ball. Best for kara games.
Consisting of
1 bar (length 160 cm, length 2.5 cm)
1 fillable stand
1 sound karate ball red
1 sound karate ball blue

The sound karate set has been improved for karate e-tournaments.
Information about sound karate can be found at http://www.dkv-soundkarate.de/

59,95 EUR
This product is a BULKY ITEM!

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