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Here you can find books about the discipline Wado Ryu in the karate sport.
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39,00 EUR
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Karate-Sanbon Kumite Training, Wettkampf, SV
Sanbon kumite training, competition, self-defense
Training suggestions based on the Sanbon Kumite by Dr. med. Elke von Oehsen, Peter Mixa, Werner Buddrus

     Effectiveness of techniques
     Tactics in fighting
     Self defense exercises
     Self-defense for women
     competition lifts
     Training / Course Planning in School / Self-Defense Courses
     Course of an introductory course Karate / Budosport
     Yakusoku Kumite

This book is an addition to Volume I (The Way to the Black Belt), as it explains the Sanbon Kumite exercise and the possibilities it offers, as well as special competition and self-defense applications and much more.

from dr. Elke of Oehsen (Wado-Ryu)

240 pages
Language: German
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