Judo sweatsuit

Judo uniform
Here you can find many different Judo sweatsuits. In our shop you will find the right Judo sweatsuit for kids, beginners, amateur athletes and competitors! We offer beginner suits with a weight of about 250 g to heavy competition suits. Many models in white and blue. We are sure that you will find the right Judo suit in our shop.
We offer our Judo suits in different materials. From 100 % cotton to Judo suits made of mixed fibres of cotton and polyester.

How to find the right Judo suit

Judo jackets

Judo-jackets are made of a heavy fabric. It is as tearproof as possible in order to be sturdy and it´s as rough as possible in order to guarantee a good grip.
There are different thicknesses that are described in grams - for example 400 g/m² (that´s a suit in training quality). The heavier the suit is the more solid is the material of the jacket. Heavy suits are usually used for competitions. A real Judo jacket has a ridged structure that is also called rice grain structure. This structure makes the jacket sturdier.
There are no exact specifications for Judo; everybody must decide if tear resistance or wearing comfort is more important. Very thick jackets can be uncomfortable to wear because they are very stiff, but very light jackets can tear faster.

Judo trousers

Judo trousers are - like to Judo jacket - mostly made of cotton and long. Short trousers can´t be recommended for Judo because of the risk of grazes on the legs. The knees are reinforced thanks to extra layers of material. The Judo trousers are lighter than the jackets and have a smooth structure.

It is very important to buy the right size of the suit. Usually, the size of the suit is also the size of your body (120, 130, 140,...). This applies as well for kids-suits as for adults-suits. The distance is always 10 cm. In-between-sizes are rare. Mostly, we recommend the next larger suit if your body size is betwenn to sizes because the suits are usually made of 100 % cotton and shrink if you wash them. If you are very slim the smaller size usually fits. People with a strong physique should take the next larger suit. 
If you follow these rules, you will easily find the right Judo suit! Wenn Sie diese Regeln beachten, finden Sie leicht einen Judoanzug, der die richtige Länge hat und gleichzeitig gut sitzt. Training will be fun with the right suit!

Heavy trousers black with knee reinforcement
  • Material: 100 % cotton, material thickness approx. 12 OZ
  • with knee reinforcement
  • colour black
  • with elasticated waistband and lacing
49,95 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Uchi Komi training set

Training aid for practising Uchi Komi and other throwing, twisting and gripping exercises, e.g. pulling exercises to maintain balance, etc.

37,95 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Judo trousers
  • Material: 70 % cotton, 30 % polyester
  • Colour: white
  • Sizes: 145 - 210 in increments of 5
from 59,95 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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