Judo uniforms

Judo uniform
Here you can find many different Judo uniforms.In our shop you will find the right Judo uniform for children, beginners and competitors! We offer beginner uniforms that weigh just about 250 g but we also offer heavy competition uniforms. Many models in white and blue. We are sure thta you will find the right Judo uniform in our shop.

How to find the right Judo uniform

Judo jackets

Judo tops are made of a weighty, very heavy fabric. It is as tearproof as possible to be resisistant to loadings and it is also rough to make a good support possible.
There are different thicknesses that are quoted in gram – for example 400g / m2  (this would be a uniforms in training quality). The more the uniform weighs the more strong is the material of the jacket. Heavy uniforms are very suitable for competitions. A real Judo jacket has a ridged structure that is also known as grain of rice-weaving. This structure makes de jacket more stable
But there are detailed specifications for Judo, so everybody must decide by himself between tear resistance and wearing comfort. Very thick jackets can be uncomfortable to wear because they become very stiff. However, very light jackets can easily tear.

Judo trousers

A Judo trousers is, as well as the top, mostly made of cotton and long. A short trousers can not be recommended for Judo, because othewise the person who wears it is risking painful grazes on his legs. Due to "mat grazes“ there are strengthening seams through extra fabric layers especially on the knees. Judo trousers are lighter and have a smooth structure.

If you buy a uniform the right size is very imprtant. Normally the size of the uniform corresponds to the size of the person who wears it, so 120, 130, 140 and so on. This refers as well to uniforms for children as to uniforms for adults. The size distance is always 10 cm. In-between sizes are rare. Mostly the bigger uniform is recommended if the person´s size is between two uniform sizes, because en general the uniforms are made of 100 % cotton and shrink a bit if you wash it.
Another essential factor is the physique. Mostly, for very thin people the next smaller size is suitable. However, people with strong physique should better take the next bigger size.
if you follow these instructions it will be easy for you to find a Judo uniform that has the right length but has also a good fit.
That´s the way how training is fun!

Heavy trousers black with knee reinforcement
  • Material: 100 % cotton, material thickness approx. 12 OZ
  • with knee reinforcement
  • colour black
  • with elasticated waistband and lacing
49,95 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Key ring jacket karate - judo
Size approx. 5 cm
3,95 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Judo trousers
  • Material: 70 % cotton, 30 % polyester
  • Colour: white
  • Sizes: 145 - 210 in increments of 5
from 59,95 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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How to find the right judo suit
Judo suit jackets
Judo Uniform - Tops are made of a heavy, very thick fabric. In order to withstand the stresses, it is as tear-resistant as possible, and as rough as possible to enable a good grip.
There are different strengths, which are given in grams - e.g. B. 400g / m2 (this corresponds to a training quality suit). The heavier the suit, the stronger the fabric of the jacket. Heavy suits are often worn for competitions. A real judo jacket has a ribbed structure, which is also known as rice grain weaving. This structure makes the jacket more stable.
However, there are no exact specifications for judo, everyone has to decide for themselves between tear resistance and wearing comfort. Particularly thick jackets can be uncomfortable to wear because they are then very stiff, but particularly light ones tear more quickly.
Judo suit pants
The judo suit - pants, like the top, is usually made of cotton and is long. Shorts are not recommended for judo, as the wearer otherwise risks painful abrasions on the legs. Because of "mat fire" reinforcements are sewn with extra layers of fabric, especially on the knees. The judo trousers are lighter than the jackets and have a smooth structure. Judo pants usually have additional reinforcements in the knee area. As a result, judo pants do not wear out as quickly. Judo pants are suitable for all sports where the knees are more stressed.
When buying the right size for the suit is very important. As a rule, the suits are given according to height, i.e. 120, 130, 140, etc. This applies to both children's judo suits and adult suits. The size intervals are always ten centimeters. Intermediate sizes are only available in some cases. If you are between sizes, the next larger suit is usually recommended, as the suits are usually made of 100% cotton and shrink when washed.
The physique is also important to note. For very slim people, the next smaller size is usually sufficient. Conversely, people with a strong physique should prefer to take the next larger suit.
If you follow these rules, you can easily find a judo leotard that is the right length and fits well at the same time. Training is guaranteed to be fun!

Children's judo suits
With us you will find judo suits specially cut for children. These are slightly lighter and have a suitable cut for children.

judo belt
Judo belts show the performance level of the wearer. Beginners start with a white belt. Most judo suits for beginners are therefore delivered with a white judo belt.
As you pass belt tests, you get more belts. After the white belt come z. B. white/yellow, yellow, yellow/orange, orange ........
The judo belts or budo belts are available in different lengths or colors because they are also used in other martial arts.
Our selection of judo belts can be found here.

competition judo
In competitive judo, a fighter wears a white judo uniform. The second called fighter usually wears a blue judo suit. Each fighter wears their graduating belt and an additional blue or red belt. The German Judo Federation allows judo suits from all manufacturers for official events. However, if you are interested in fights of the European Judo Federation EJU or the World Federation IJF, you may only wear specific brands since 2011. These include the adidas and Mizuno judo suits we offer.
Further information on the German and international competition rules can be found on the website of the German Judo Federation.

Difference karate suit and judo suit
The jackets of the judo suits are usually made of a slightly thicker material and have a kind of tear grain weave. In addition, the shoulders of judo suit jackets are usually reinforced. Karate suit jackets, on the other hand, are made of a smooth fabric and the shoulders of the karate suit jackets are not reinforced either.
The pants on judo suits are reinforced at the knees, which is not the case on karate suit pants.

Judo suit in white or blue?
If you compete in judo, a judo suit in white and also in blue is necessary. This makes it easier to distinguish between two fighters on the battlefield.

Much more information about judo such as history, founders of judo and graduations can be found in Wikipedia.

Washing instructions for karate suits can be found here
Rules for judo suits
Internationally and at European level there are regulations on how a judo suit should look and be cut and which suits may be worn at official championships at international level. Some of our judo suits are IJF (International Judo Federation) tested and certified. You can find information on this for the respective judo suit in our

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