Ladies chest protector top for Maxi Guard
Top white for ladies breast protection Maxi Guard

Top white for ladies breast protection Maxi Guard

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Ladies chest protector Maxi Guard black for karate kickboxing martial arts
Women s chest protector Maxi Guard: This protector consists of a sports top and a shell. The top is designed so that the shell can be placed securely between two layers. The shell is made from one piece and extends from the top of the chest to below the solar plexus, as well as from the left to the right side of the breast base. A wide range of size combinations is available thanks to the individual components. However, if one of the specified combinations does not fit, you can order the top and cup separately and customise your own protection.
The top is made of a comfortable Lycra/cotton material, the cup is made of hard plastic.
The chest protector for women is suitable for all sports such as karate, taekwondo, hockey, football, handball, MMA, freefight .... -
59,95 EUR
Shell for chest protector Maxi Guard for karate kickboxing martial arts
The breast protection cups can be used as sports inserts for the bra, sports bra or a sports top. The inserts are specially designed to fit our Maxi Guard sports top. (insert link). The shells provide protection in martial arts, contact sports and ball sports. The breast protection shells can also be used in professions where an impact or injury to the breast is possible.
24,95 EUR
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