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Book The History of Jon Bluming - Softcover

Jon Bluming – From Streetfighter to 10th Dan Oyama-Karate
Judo • Karate • Mixed Martial Arts

A great book tells the grandiose story of a great fighter with a heartfelt love of the martial arts.

Jon Bluming, a master student of Mas Oyama, has plenty to tell about the martial arts. Only very few martial artists have come as close to the grandmasters of Asia as Jon Bluming. His countless international successes in both Asia and Europe or the USA, his outstanding skill, knowledge and sincerity have considerably influenced the combat sports. He has put his own stamp on Karate and Judo with impressive effectiveness.

Anybody interested in Mas Oyama, Donn F. Draeger, "Opa" Schutte, Ichitaro Kuroda, Kenji Kurosaki, Kyuzo Mifune, Morihei Ueshiba, Anton Gesink, Willem Ruska, Tokyo Hirano, Chris Dolman or over 150 other greats in the martial arts will find a wealth of fascinating information in Jon Bluming's life history.

Despite the gigantic number of more than 500 historical photos, this is not a picture book. Jon Bluming gives us very lively descriptions of the Korean War, his fights, his teachers and his friends. The book tells us more than text and photos alone can ever do. It conveys the thoughts and feelings of a martial artist from the post-war years, who grew up with the martial arts when they themselves were growing up.

The EWTO feels privileged to be presenting such a marvellous human being with this book.

DIN A4, 237 pages, over 500 photos and illustrations

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